Harold Rudolph Sotherland

March 6, 1938 - 

December 11, 2023

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Harold Rudolph Sotherland died peacefully at home in Waurika, OK on December 11, 2023. Harold was the only child of Festus (Rudy) and Saloma Sotherland, born on March 6, 1938 in Longmont, CO. He was a dog-loving, football-watching, church-going man who loved his family and God, above all else. Harold loved a good, homecooked meal and to spend quality time reading together with his wife of 11 years, Patsy Sotherland. They were married June 21, 2012, residing in Waurika when not visiting their beloved second home in Truth or Consequences, NM. Harold was a jokester, laughing at his children and grandchildren’s antics, not hesitating to poke fun at someone in the most loving way.

Harold was blessed with three children: his daughter Deborah (Deb) and two sons Matthew (Matt) and Jonathan (Jon). When the kids were younger, they spent many summers driving out west to visit his parents in Rocky Ford, CO or to relax at their little red house on a hill in T or C. Side trips to Branson or Nashville to catch a show or buy fireworks, shopping trips to Hatch for chili peppers, and excursions up Turtleback Mountain fill the memories of the times spent traveling together, driving through the night and shopping at Flying J for treats. Harold’s beloved dogs, among them Goldie, Fred, and Isaiah, were always by his side whether riding with their head out the window on a road trip or laying by his feet on a Sunday afternoon while watching football.

Harold loved God and lived his life by the morals and scripture as told in the Bible. He was a regular attendee of church and would participate in different capacities over the years. When traveling and away from his regular church, he would share stories from the Bible over breakfast and encourage discussions about faith and the gospel.

Harold served in the US Army between 1958 – 1960, serving in Germany as a Pharmacist in the dispensary. While there, he was able to travel to France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, London, and Berlin. After completing his time in the Army, he graduated from Colorado University with a degree in Pharmacy. After short stints at pharmacies in Detroit, MI, and Craig, CO, he settled in Bay City, MI, as a co-owner at Bangor Drugs for the duration of his career. Upon retiring, he split his time between Bay City and Truth or Consequences, spending a few months at a time in each location. On one of those trips, Harold stopped in Waurika, OK to visit a friend. During that stopover, he met a woman named Patsy who he would be lucky enough to marry later in his life. He then made Waurika his primary residence, spending his days doing yard work, visiting the post office for mail, checking the stock market, and reading the Bible with Patsy.

Harold’s memory will live on by his surviving family: wife Patsy; daughter Deborah (Dan) Bastian, grandson Chris (Heather) Yaple, granddaughter Amber Chambers, and great-granddaughters Rose and Aaliyah; son Matthew (Rizza) Sotherland, granddaughter Teagan Waite, and grandson Hudson Sotherland; and son Jonathan (Lana) Sotherland and granddaughter Miriam Sotherland. He is also survived by a loving step-family through marriage to Patsy. Harold is predeceased by his father Festus (Rudy) Rudolph Sotherland and his mother Saloma Elizabeth (Lapp) Sotherland.

Harold was a simple man who didn’t want anyone to make a fuss over his passing. As such, in lieu of a funeral and service, his family invites you to spend a few moments in prayer to reflect on Harold and his impact on this earth. If desired, donations may be sent to the Everett Animal Shelter (333 Smith Island Road Everett, WA 98201) in his honor.


March 6, 1938


December 11, 2023